Book Review / Tortured Souls / Nikki J Summers / Rebels of Sandland Series # 2


They say the devil appears in many different forms. To the town of Sandland, his face was one of them. He was a rebel. A brawler. A bare-knuckle boxer that you’d cross the road to avoid if you saw him coming the other way.

When he left our town, no one shed a tear, because Brandon Mathers was trouble and trouble followed him wherever he went. The night he disappeared, he left behind a lifetime of devastation for the rest of us to bear.

He didn’t care. He enjoyed creating chaos and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. But he was never going to stay hidden for long. He had too much bravado; too much ego. He couldn’t cope with being ignored.

So, in the dead of night, when the darkness welcomes all the dirty, filthy creatures to come out to play, so does he. He thinks nobody sees him or the wicked things he does. But I do.

He thinks I don’t know that he watches. But I see him. I watch him too. He thinks he’s coming for me, but I’m already lying in wait. When the time is right, I’m going to destroy his blackened soul just like he’s tortured mine. He’ll never see it coming, but when it does, I’ll be there to remind him that Karma is real… And her name is Harper Yates.

Tortured Souls takes place in Sandland, a place with a few locals and not much excitement going on. The story begins as Harper Yates (MC) and her parents are burying her twin brother, Brodie Yates, after a fight ending deadly with Brandon Mathers (MC). There is a lot of grief and sadness going on as the story begins. There are many questions we still have from Renegade Hearts, which will be answered as the story progresses.

In Nikki J. Summers’ second book, in the Rebels of Sandland series, Brandon Mathers embarks on a journey of self-worth and redemption for the previous book’s ending. I really didn’t care too much for Brandon in Renegade Hearts but he makes up for it in this second story. He is trying to make amends with Harper and making her see she is a warrior, inside and out, after her twin brother’s death. Harper and Brandon are both completely broken, but finding each other will be exactly what each of them needs.

The romance that ensues between Brandon and Harper is delightful. There are sparks flying and Ms. Summers makes their characters quite lovable and engaging to the reader.

Why do I recommend this book? This book has all sorts of twists and turns, romance and steam that will keep you turning the pages. This is such a great series and Ms. Summers nailed Brandon’s story. She made him likeable and made the reader want him to succeed and be happy for once in his life. Harper is the perfect woman for him and Brandon is the perfect man for Harper. They are each other’s complete soul mates.

This is a story worth reading. Summers does a nice job of combining romance, intrigue, and bullying. I love the constant battle between Brandon and Harper between right and wrong, as well as them finding each other.

Without giving away too much, I look forward to reading the next book in this series, because there are a lot of questions to which I need answers. Overall, I like the characters, I am intrigued by the Renaissance Men, and I want to return to Sandland for Finn’s upcoming story.

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