This was a super fun and romantic story. This was book # 3 from this series and the first book I read by Susan Hatler! It was funny all throughout and yet tugged at your heart every so often. You want the characters to love each other, but something happens that pulls them apart. Every so often in the book, as I was reading, I felt my heart skip a beat and slowly break for these two. It actually tugged and raced at various times of me reading this book. It’s such a good read. So, for the nitty gritty, I loved Josh as a main character and he truly was hero material. Josh, oh Josh! All you out there who want a fun hero to read about, this is your book and your hero! Josh is not only sweet, but gorgeous, has a great job, and likes to play bingo with Erica’s grandma! He even adopted a dog from the shelter because Erica said a true hero adopts dogs! And he adopted a dog from a shelter! Of course there were characters that weren't very likeable and tried to keep Erica and Josh apart, but that wasn't happening to our 'Honey Boo' and 'Pumpkin Poodle'. I won't give the ending away, but if it doesn't make your heart melt and your knees weak I don't know what would. I thought it was so swoozy!! Great story! I meant to read just a couple of chapters one evening, but I ended up reading it all the way through because it was so much fun and light-hearted! For those who want to know, this is a clean read (no sex, no swearing). I recommend this for when you are looking for an upbeat, light read that will leave you smiling. This book is stand alone, but there are lots of characters in this story that have apparently appeared in the other books by this author so you get like a “where are they now” kind of update on previous couples. Even if you haven’t read the other books in the series you can appreciate this story without feeling lost. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books by Susan Hatler! Rating: 5 stars

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