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How many hearts can a song touch? How many ears can it reach? How many people can it kill? When popular boy band Whoa-Town releases their latest album, no one thinks anything of it. They certainly don’t think that the world will be changed forever. After an apocalyptic disease sweeps the world, it becomes clear that the music of this seemingly innocuous boy band had something to do with it, but how? Katherine Maddox, her life irrevocably changed by a disease dubbed The Drop, sets out to find out how and why, to prevent something like The Drop from ever happening again.

Yami’s 4 Stars Review:

What a refreshing read! A post-apocalyptic novel without zombies? Ok, there is a type of zombie, but not the one you’re thinking of. The apocalypse is caused by none other than a popular boy band. You read that correctly, a popular boy band!

The book tells the story of a reporter trying to find out why the apocalypse happened, in an effort to prevent it from happening again.

It is told in the first person and you get to read snippets of Fan Forum chat rooms, pop music magazines, album and concert reviews, personal journals and Reddit posts.

Jacy Morris does an incredible job of engaging you to the storyline, the dialogue is easy to follow, and this is all happening with a terror background and perspective.

The Drop is definitely a memorable read for everyone looking for a book not quite the norm!

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