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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Hello folks, this is Yami, coming to you live from my very own living room, on a stormy, Monday evening! I am pretty much caught up with everyone's activities for the day and I was just wondering, what types of books would you like me to post and review about?

Are you into murder mysteries, aka Agatha Christie, or do you want me to take it back to our literature classics, aka Jane Eyre, Bronte Sisters, or even John Steinbeck? Or are you into horror, like myself, and want me to add some Stephen King, HP Lovecraft or Dean Koontz into the mix?

This is my blog, but I want you to enjoy it as much as I do, and that will not work unless you voice your opinions to me. I want to make this blog fun and enjoyable so you can keep coming back to it, and reading my latest and greatest endeavors and book reviews.

Please, go ahead and comment on whatever you think I should read next. Comment as much as you want and voice your opinions so I can hear you.

Is there a new book I should absolutely read? Please tell me all about it!!

Until next time!


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