Title: King of Nothing (Boys of Almadale Book 1) Author: Jacie Lennon Publication date: 16 July 2020 My rating: ★★★★ Genre: High School Bully Romance

Goodreads Rating: 4.40

King Of Nothing, Book One in the Boys of Almadale Series by Jacie Lennon, is now LIVE!

She’s the one thing he wants nothing—and everything—to do with.


I’m one of the kings at Almadale Prep.

I act the part, put on the mask, do my duty.

But lies and betrayal aren’t a game to me, no matter how well my fellow kings play.

So, when Landry arrives, invading my life and my thoughts, I try to forget her.

Forget her long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and the patient way she breaks through my walls.

She gets under my skin, but my secrets make wanting her impossible.

My brothers hate her, and I should hate her too.

She threatens everything I’ve been working toward.

In my world, it’s hard to become a king … but easy to fall off the throne.


Moving across the country to attend the prestigious Almadale Prep for my senior year of school wasn’t in my plans.

Neither was gaining two new brothers and their friend as my personal tormentors.

They hate me on sight, and I have no idea why.

I try to steer clear of them, but that’s not so easy when Corbin’s moss-green eyes, magnetic touch, and seemingly hard facade keep me fascinated.

I shouldn’t let him take over my thoughts and my heart.

I shouldn’t be reeling when he pulls away just as fast.

He says I’m no good for him, but I might be exactly what he needs.

In this world, it’s hard to handle the kings … but easy to fall for one.

*KON is a bully academy romance and may have themes and elements that some readers could find disturbing*

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Yami’s Bookshelf Review

'KING OF NOTHING' is the first full-length romance novel I read by Jacie Lennon. This is Book # 1 in the 'Boys of Almadale' series. I am so happy I was given this ARC by the author, to read and review, because this is the first book I read by Jacie Lennon and it will definitely not be my last. I am very impressed by her story line for these characters and the way she keeps the reader enthralled and not bored at all.

The book’s premise is the following: Landry’s, female lead, mom marries a millionaire named Chester. Chester has twin boys named Bodhi and Brock. The twins have a best friend, who is always over at the house, Corbin. These 3 are the 'Kings' of Aladale High, they literally rule the school and they hate Landry on sight and don't hide the fact. They think Landry’s hiding something and they won't stop until they uncover the truth, therefore they are not happy to have Landry living with them, but why?

Straight away there's an underlying attraction between Landry and Corbin, but being part of the 3 he cannot let his feelings get in the way and he partakes in the ‘bullying’ of Landry, but not to the extent that the twins go to. You need to read this book to see the depths of what these will do to uncover Landry’s “secret.”

This is where we see that Ms. Lennon throws in some amazing plot twists and secrets in the mix to make the book even more interesting to read. Twists were immediately thrown in which gave it a unique aspect which I didn't see coming. It definitely held my attention throughout and was nothing like I was expecting it to be, which was a good thing. Now I cannot wait to read Book # 2!

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